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in Santa Barbara, June 2016
Seminar Host and Professional Guitarists

All sessions during the 2-day Spanish Guitar Seminar are held under the direction of internationally-known guitarmaker, Daniel Turner.  He is supported throughout the Seminar by professional classical and flamenco guitarists.

Since 1973, when Daniel Turner first traveled to Andalusia to study traditional Spanish-style guitar construction, he has developed a global reputation as one of the very few designers and builders of high-quality Spanish guitars that are uniquely handcrafted and exclusively custom-made from rare and exotic woods.

Although he focuses primarily on creating concert-quality instruments for classical and flamenco guitarists, aficionados, and fine instrument collectors, he also customizes the design and acoustic characteristics of his instruments to enhance their suitability for guitarists who record and perform across several musical styles, including classical, flamenco, Latin, and jazz.

Examples of his craftsmanship can be seen in The Spanish Guitar Collection and a series of multilingual Websites, which attract well over a million visitors each year.

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