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in Santa Barbara, June 2016
Who should attend the Seminar ?

The Spanish Guitar Seminar is an event that is intended to provide a valuable and rewarding experience to anyone who plays a classical or flamenco guitar and has a strong interest in their instrument.  The Seminar will be of particular interest to ...

 guitarists that are considering the future purchase of a high-quality instrument and wish to learn more about evaluating and appraising Spanish guitars.

 current or future collectors of classical or flamenco guitars who can use the information provide in the Seminar to enhance their collection of fine instruments.

 guitarists that are planning to commission the construction of a custom-made classical or flamenco guitar and wish to understand the options for, and impact of, instrument design, finish, components, accessories and wood selection.

 musicians that wish to learn more about acoustic evaluation and recording of concert-quality guitars - from classical guitars to flamenco "negras" and "blancas".

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